Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Corner Woman - Don't Count Yourself Out! | PRLog

Joan Wilson, the Founder of eMagineThat2 and Corner Woman™ and the Dream Champions Experience™ with the intent to help women to bounce back from life’s circumstances and be a winner! To register for The Dream Champions Experience 2014 Event visit and purchase your tickets today! Connect with Joan on facebook on the Corner Woman fan page for special rates and packages.

The Corner Woman - Don't Count Yourself Out! | PRLog

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dream Champions Experience 2014 - Come Toe to Toe with your Dreams!

Just like in the sport of boxing, when the bell rings, it's you and your challenger going toe to toe in the ring. But at the end of each round you have a person in your corner, going over strategies, building your confidence with positive reassurances, cleaning up your bruises, and sending you back out there to finish the fight of your life. Your corner man (or woman) recognizes the greatness within you and will stand by you even when you may lose faith in yourself. The Dream Champion Experience 2014 is just like this battle, except without physical harm. visit for tickets.

Joan Wilson, the founder of eMagineThat2, Corner Woman™ and the Dream Champions Experience™, developed this two day conference with the intent to help women so they can bounce back from life’s circumstances and be a winner! The Corner Woman foundation is building accountability for professionals who can tell them to dodge, keep up the fight, and see you to the end of each round. Joan will see each of us there with the  "Knock Out" mix of Trainers, Coaches, and Motivational Speakers, who are coming prepared to enter the ring and put VIP's in front of what is holding them back from success and making sure they come out a winner. The two POWERFUL DAYS set aside just for you will help to develop knock out strategies to deal with marketing, branding, social media and sustaining a profitable business! The speakers will be providing thought-provoking sessions with the right mix of "how-to's" you have been looking for, and encourage you to embrace your journey, map out a new vision, then be a ‘knock out’ doing it!

Oh did you notice I said in the ring? Yes! This event will take place at the Washington Convention Center in DC where right in the middle of the hall will be a boxing ring. No need to bring gloves, but come ready to:
  • Shift your thoughts to a champion winning mindset
  • Overcome obstacles and pursue dreams in winning
  • Learn the key strategies to market, brand and sustain your business
  • Get the right inside secrets to create a social media money campaign
  • Build a bigger more responsive list to take your business to the next level
May We Help You, LLC and MWHY Radio Network stand behind what this message will bring for women business owners and those looking to start their dreams. When you have a Corner Woman, you have someone who knows you can win. That will support, guide and encourage you in life, business, spirituality, finances, relationships and family. They should be able to tell you to bob and weave, don’t get knocked out before you get started; it’s only round one, don’t quit – your business is almost open; you’re almost there; the customers and business partners WILL come! You WILL be successful. “You’re a Winner, You’re A Champion!” That’s a corner woman! How awesome did just this much of what you read so far encourage you and we haven't made it to the event yet!

The list of Dynamic Speakers that will be there to support and motivate you are: 
  • Dr. Monikah Ogando 
  • Natasha T. Brown 
  • S. Monique Smith-Person 
  • Chereace RIchards 
  • Vicki Irvin 
  • Cheryl Pullins 
  • Cheryl Wood 
  • Isra Wynn
  • Malika Anderson
  • Lucinda Cross
  • Elder Vikki Johnson
In the month of January to get supporters ready for this amazing event Joan and the Corner Woman team put together an amazing Tele-Summit with five days of providing participants with some of the top women entrepreneurs giving the answer to your burning questions. Here are some of the responses from this event.
Kelley P
I had a great day hanging out with the Corner WomanJoan Thompson Wilson! She is so awesome and truly a Champion! If you want to see how awesome she is, register to attend her Dream Champions 2014 - Take Your Business to the Next Level Event in March! She has a great group of trainers and this girl has a real ring in the room, so we can go toe-to-toe with our Dreams! You don't want to miss this. I got my ticket and you can get yours to by going to See you there!!!!
Jon'll B
TKO! Join the Corner Woman herself Joan Thompson Wilson and a line up of TKO Speakers and Coaches at The Dream Champion Experience. This is one boxing match that is star studded with Cheryl Wood Natasha T. Brown Vicki Irvin Lucinda Cross and a host of other phenomenal speakers. You don't want to miss it! Register Today! 
 Carol S
All week has been awesome. Thank You Dr. Vikki Kennedy Johnson and Joan Thompson Wilson for the invitation. March is marching my daughter and me further with excellence in our separate busineses. Journals and pens ready.

Don't wait to hear about this event. Don't wait to join in the next time. Enough with the Dreaming…It’s Time to Champion Your Dreams!

More on Joan Wilson:

Using her Be A Knock OutTM strategy approach, she is able to encourage women to not throw in the towel or count themselves out. Her unique confidence coaching and accountability partnering platforms really embraces her being known as the Corner Woman. Joan is deeply committed to stepping in the mindset ring of life and helping map out achievable strategies to win!

In addition to being a Certified Christian Life Coach, Joan is committed to helping women have financial independence through embracing free enterprise by turning their dreams into reality. She has worked her way up the corporate ladder, specializing in HR operations management for the past 10+ years and built successful entrepreneurial concepts to include eMagineThat2, her direct sales company, and the impactful confidence coaching business. Author of Amazon Best Seller, Don’t Count Me Out – I’m Just Getting Started and Confidence – That’s What and Who I Am!.

Any question or comments about this event, The Corner Woman, or Joan Wilson; please fill out the comment section below. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Holiday Season a True Time for Giving

During the 2013 Holiday Season there will be many businesses, families, and groups looking for fun and unique ways to celebrate, donate money, supplies, clothing, and even their time.

The Queens of The Real Woman Empowerment Project are also giving what they can to assist in making great families and individuals Holidays bright. The CEO and Founder of Walls You Love, Queen Syreeta Gunn igniated a driving force within the Queens to not just donate Blankets, Warm Clothing, Toiletries Supplies, and Food; but also our time.

The Have A Heart 4 Homeless organization has put together an amazing campaign to provide countless volunteer opportunities and donated item drop off locations. The drive is from Dec. 8th - Dec 22nd, allowing volunteers the time to divide donated items and prepare for the wonderful guest on December 24th 12 - 6pm. Over 500 single homeless men and women will come out and enjoy themselves with gifts, game shows, a concert with good music, clothes, food, fun and fellowship! It's a day for joyous celebration that will place a smile on both their faces and their hearts. The menu isn't your ordinary menu, #HH4H will have MAMA J's for the third year as a returning sponsor, with some of their great tasting home cooked soul food. The homeless community will be served the finest in everything!! Provided on this day will be many resources and leads to assisting to get them off of the streets. But none of it would ever be possible without the help from community sponsors and partners.

Have A Heart 4 Homeless are still reaching out for volunteers from the community and surrounding area. Talk to your church congregation, ministries, co-workers, schools, sororities, promoters, or any group that can organize a drive. HH4H are looking for you to have one of the 10 drives below on HH4H behalf:
1. Hat Drive
2. Glove Drive
3. Scarf Drive
4. Sock Drive
5. Sweat Shirt Drive
6. Warm Pants of Jeans Drive
7. Boot Drive
8. Coat Drive
9. Toiletries Drive
10.Food Drive

Join the Queens on days we will give our time, help us with our drive efforts for supplies and needed materials before the deadline, and come hang out with us Dec. 24th. #Syreeta Gunn of #Walls You Love will be volunteering her time and resources Dec 17th and the 18th. #Jeanette Powell-Rudo will be volunteering her time on Dec 17th, Author #Danita Rountree Green will be volunteering her time for HH4H on Dec 19th. Hang out with The Butterfly Queen #Marsha Snead Williams and #Latisha M of #May We Help You Radio on Dec 24th for the HH4H main event day. 

Our out of town Queens will be volunteering and donating to different local causes in their area. #Deborah Buynum Billips on behave of #Slantress Magazine will be donating to a organization in Maryland called The Christopher Place. And our Queen Jen Williams has provided services and volunteered for different organizations in Atlanta and in Washington.

If you are in any of the above mentioned states and you would like to join us feel free to reach out to The Real Woman Empowerment Project Queens through our website or through our facebook page Remember you do not need to be in the same area as the Queens to give a helping hand this season. If you donante or volunteer somewhere this season let us know through facebook, twitter, or email. We would love to know what you did to give to someone who really needs a blessing.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Is Your Business Your Baby? When is it Time to Turn Task Over?

As a Entrepreneur, CEO, President, and Founder of our own LLC, Corps, and Companies we often view our business, products, and services as something we have raised from infancy to toddler years. Walk to school and watched it play, and grow with clients and business partners. Now that it is at it's graduation day, when our business needs to be divided to conquer and grow larger and more successful, what makes it fail or maybe not fail but become stumped in growth? Is it our inability to except that we (the Owner, CEO's and so forth), can not do everything? By everything I mean; manage, do the social media, accounting task, and procurement. And if you're doing all of that, what about the actual functions that your company does and provide to it's clients?

A great business owner can become so wrapped up within what we need to do, we do not take care of the small things that must be done to grow, or sometimes our growth may have come too fast and you're not prepared to man lighter task correctly. There are tons of ways that, as an owner of a small business, you can capitalize on assigning some of these task out to other services, hire a part timer or virtual administrator, and learn to delegate within your organization so you can be where you need to be when you need to be there (this includes being at home with your family). First is organizing your office or store to run efficiently even if you're not there, next have in place people who are smarter than you in places you lack the right skill for (be honest with yourself in what your not so great at), and remember correct delegation is the key to continued growth and success to your business.

Clean Up and Organize, Inside and Out

Like any baby when it is dirty we must clean it up to prevent an unhealthy lifestyle. So when it comes to your business you want it as organized and clear to run as smooth as possible, you never know when someone else will need to step in to assist in keeping it running smoothly and productively. You can hire a outside organization or company to put physical things in order like +TheNeatNiche Or if you need someone to keep your books, organize your virtual files, and make since of your day to day schedule then look no further than a virtual assistant. The best part of a virtual assistant is, you can hire them for just the amount of time you need a day, a week, or a month. +A Plus Admin Services  is a perfect example of how hiring an outside assistant can get you organized and on top of where you need to be. Working with a company designed to help clean up and organize is as important as dusting and mopping a showroom floor. No one will want products or services from someone who is disorganized or can not miss a day of work because no one can understand how their systems work.

You Are Only As Smart As the People You Hire

Someone, mainly my family, had to tell me I am great at many things, but I must remember I am not good at everything. Hiring someone to do the task you are not great at is very important. It will save you the time you waste trying to complete these task on your own and will allow you to devote yourself to the things you are great at. We already told you about #APlusAdminServices, Leona Martin's company can assist you and there are no contracts necessary for them to be able to assist you. Now let's tell you about +My Rays Marketing Social Media can take up far to much of a business owners time. You can become caught up with trying to manage your services online for hours on end and never connect with the right clients. #MyRaysMarketing can take this weight off your shoulders with proven results and a flair to recognize where your clients are and how to get them in front of you. Partnering with an IT company, Marketing company, Print company, or Accounting company is not just a smart move to make but a great way to make referral partners while you benefit from a more streamlined work environment.

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Hiring outside help can be both helpful, but scary. Leaving duties and task up to the wrong person can be harmful to a growing business. But your baby will need to have a sitter at one point or another. There are great people, like yourself who want to see you succeed in what you do. You can always look to student help, not just any student but ones that are looking toward the type of industry you are in to mentor them. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone who might end up being future competition  They will bring more heart and soul into your company, and who knows may become your future Vice President or Board Member. Knowing when to give out assignments and knowing when to walk away will reduce your stress levels and keep you fresh and ready for more important task within your company.

Your business may be your baby, but like the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child. You will need to look outside of your office or store to acquire the right tools and services to get the right growth and consistency you might have been missing or can no longer provide on your own. The growth is up to you and remember you can hire as little or as much as your business needs. You don't have to look for Fortune 500 companies or lock your self down with long contracts to have these task done for you, look to your neighbors and other companies on your level. That is how you will build your business as well as others in the process.

Companies listed can be found by the following: 

My Rays Marketing &

If you have any suggestions on companies that can make someones business run smoothly, let us know, comment below!